It's getting colder - drink more coffee

How to Brew and other handy hints

Taking the Plunge

A mighty fine french press coffee on our kitchen bench

Using the right coffee for your french press is really important - many people have told us that they don't like plunger coffee but we think that is because they were using supermarket coffee. 

We recommend Bodum because their filter screen is the most resilient.

We also recommend Barrington Blend

Some brewing tips

Cold Brew

A stock image of some coffee that was probably not cold brewed but we do get some crema when brewing

What's with this cold brew? 

Basically you brew your coffee in cold water.

The real trick is how long you brew and which coffee you choose.

Our BodyBrew is the easiest way to brew and store your Cold Brew.

Have a look at some of our

Single Origin  Coffees

Paterson Blend and Barrington Blend from River Roast are also pretty damn good!

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Some Paterson Blend - photo taken by @coffeecoffeetomtom

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This shows the individual parts of the Aeropress

The portable coffee brewer that has taken the world by storm.

Easy and definitely functional.

Use for hot brew, cold brew, stick on a Fellow and get yourself an espresso.

Use an Able Stainless Filter for a bolder brew.

The list goes on.

We recommend the Rhino Grinder for Aeropress.

Fresh or Frozen

James Carter making coffee and talking about whether or not freezing your coffee is a good idea

Ideally you want to use fresh beans BUT beans only stay fresh for a relatively short time so if you are in a position where you are buying coffee once a fortnight for example then it is better to freeze some so the ageing process is stalled. 

This is especially important for Espresso coffee - to save having to adjust your grinder every couple of days use coffee that is the same age.



Frequently Asked Coffee Questions

and Some Statements:

  • I've read that you shouldn't freeze coffee (See Fresh or Frozen) 
  • How often should I clean my coffee maker? -  (One of Coffee's main ingredients is Caffeol which is Coffee Oil) - Oil will go rancid very quickly when exposed to air so you need to clean the oil off with a mild detergent regardless of what sort of coffee maker you have.

Any other Questions

Real Coffee Hardware Intro

Our How To series will include methods for stove-top coffee, Bodum French Press and even the humble coffee percolator

How to.. intro

This is the Intro for our upcoming How to... coffee videos

Brewing Stove-Top Coffee and French Press

We have put together a few pages of important coffee brewing info for you to download

Brewing a Bialetti (png)


Brewing a Bodum (png)


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